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ORNETTE (Fat Rain/Trailblazer) 8/10 Those who heard Ornette Colemen in concert will die clutching the memory deep in their hearts. The great tide of warmth flooding from the stage exposed the old taunts that he was “untutored” or “played sharp” for the detritus they were. His revolutionary approach was meticulously conceived long before people began […]


Ladysmith moves with the times

Aladdin Theater
3017 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, Oregon, USA

It was news that came from nowhere. Ladysmith Black Mambazo were on tour when they heard that someone from New York wished to meet their leader, Joseph Shabalala. That someone turned out to be Paul Simon, who, to their complete amazement, wanted to work with them. At the time, after all, the all-male a capella […]



National Theatre of Parramatta presents The Girl / The Woman, in association with Apocalypse Theatre Company.

The Girl trips over her sexuality and lands on her motherís traditions. She turns to her best friend and enabler ñ the Internet. Her mother, meanwhile, hates to leave the house ñ a tiring but familiar refuge from an ever-changing outside world.

Twelve years in the making, wild and funny until itís not, The Girl / The Woman, is an exhilarating two-woman collision of body and mind, desire and tradition, language and visionary theatricality.

From Jun 28 ó Jul 7, 2018 at Riverside Theatre, Parramatta.

Performers Aanisa Vylet and Nisrine Amine

Playwright Aanisa Vylet
Director Dino Dimitriadis
Creative Futures Assistant Moreblessing Maturure
Set and Costume Design Jonathan Hindmarsh
Co-Sound Designers Ben Pierpoint and Mary Rapp
Lighting Designer Benjamin Ross Brockman

Photo by Robert Catto, on Wednesday, 27 June 2018. Please credit & tag the photographer when images are used - @robertcatto on Instagram & Twitter, @robertcattophotographer on Facebook.

Lennox Theatre, June 30 6/10 You see it in tantalising glimpses amid the dry ice, or peeking out from a nook in the mountain of furniture detritus: a pinched facial expression; a fluttering hand; a lost-girl voice; a furtive idea; a piece of self disembodied from the rest Aanisa Vylet’s character. In this labyrinth of […]