At Last – The Etta James Story

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Playhouse, April 30, 2013 Vika Bull has a voice to steeple up to the heavens and rattle the gates. If not always beautiful it is often thrilling and loaded with urgency, which makes it ideal for paying tribute to that tortured queen of r’n’b, Etta James. Directed by Simon Myers and penned by John Livings […]


Bombay Jayashri

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Concert Hall, April 28, 2013 One has survived countless concerts adjacent to talkers, coughers and vile mobile-phone users, but this was something new. Amid a program of almost divine Indian classical music the four-year-old next to me was being verbally coached by his mother from a beginner’s maths book! And this when the music contained […]


Blow CD

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Empathy (Blow) Ted Vining won’t die wondering what may have happened had he really applied himself. I remember gigs that were cruising along rather politely, when suddenly the Melbourne drummer/band-leader detonated massive drum/cymbal explosions that turbocharged the rest of the performance. Now in his 70s he continues to energise his every project, including Blow. He […]