Alister Spence Quartet

Spence McDonald res

The correlation between a musician’s physicality and character and their sound on an instrument is fascinating. Paul Desmond (who composed Take Five), for instance, was a slight, ascetic man who made the alto saxophone sound like it was part of the clarinet family. Raymond McDonald is a burly Scot who makes the same instrument seem […]


Doku Rai

Doku Rai res

Carriageworks, September 26 If nothing else, Doku Rai makes one realise how predictable much of our theatre is. An approach to narrative, characterisation or acting, once established, is maintained to the end. That most miraculous of devices in any art form, surprise, is often missing in action. Not here. Rather like the chapters of James […]


Romeo and Juliet

R&J 1 res

Young love is so easily dismissed by jaded older lovers with multiple (failed) experiences, but a teenager can be consumed by passion much as molten lava devours all in its path. When Juliet is well cast, and the actress truly lives that passion as well as the anguish of her character’s predicament, she becomes one […]