Allan Browne Trio

Allan Browne Trio Lost In The Stars res

Lost In The Stars (Jazzhead) It’s hard to beat good direct-to-stereo sound. The Allan Browne Trio recorded this all in the one room with not a baffle or headphone in sight. Sonically it has an immediacy that erupts from the speakers as though Browne (drums), Marc Hannaford (piano) and new member Sam Pankhurst (bass) have […]


Edouard Bronson CD

Bronson Intimate res

Intimate (eddyplaysforyou.com) If you feel that the main casualties of modernity have been elegance and charm, allow Edouard Bronson to redress the balance. Once a tyro of free jazz the illustrious saxophonist here offers a second instalment of his take on romantic song: singing and playing accordion amid lush arrangements. Bronson’s compositions mingle not only […]


Joey Arias

Arias res

Slide, June 21                                                                                                                                                          New York drag artist Joey Arias was the fourth of a quadrella of contrasting divas in seven days. Cassandra Wilson’s encyclopedia of groove-based understatement (with a sumptuous contralto as the cover) led to Barb Jungr’s masterful one-two routine of emotional king-hits and knockabout humour, and then Kristin Chenoweth’s confection of tweeness soaked […]