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Yaron Hallis chats about the other Leonard Cohen

Yaron Hallis Brook Mitchell

Scouting a car-boot sale an 11-year-old Yaron Hallis found an LP by someone with his father’s name: Leonard Cohen. Highly amused, he bought it, beginning a life-long love affair that has seen Hallis’s band, Monsieur Camembert, play an annual tribute to this other Leonard Cohen since 2005. The 2017 event carries particular poignancy, being the […]


Janet Seidel – The Girlish Voice is Gone

Janet S

The Australian cabaret singer and pianist Janet Seidel died August 7 after succumbing to cancer at the age of 62. Seidel, who released 18 albums across two decades, enjoyed substantial success overseas as well as in Australia. Her trademark was a girlish voice and her ability to blend the ingenue with the sophisticate. While jazzy […]