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Tony Gorman and the miracle of the long notes

Tony Gorman & Boyd Nick Moir

What is the Monday Club, a group of improvisers with a penchant for using long, slow notes as musical building blocks, doing in the Sydney Sacred Music Festival? The answer lies both in the broader meaning of “sacred” and in the story of the group’s founder, Tony Gorman. A brilliant saxophonist and clarinettist, Gorman was […]


Yaron Hallis chats about the other Leonard Cohen

Yaron Hallis Brook Mitchell

Scouting a car-boot sale an 11-year-old Yaron Hallis found an LP by someone with his father’s name: Leonard Cohen. Highly amused, he bought it, beginning a life-long love affair that has seen Hallis’s band, Monsieur Camembert, play an annual tribute to this other Leonard Cohen since 2005. The 2017 event carries particular poignancy, being the […]


Janet Seidel – The Girlish Voice is Gone

Janet S

The Australian cabaret singer and pianist Janet Seidel died August 7 after succumbing to cancer at the age of 62. Seidel, who released 18 albums across two decades, enjoyed substantial success overseas as well as in Australia. Her trademark was a girlish voice and her ability to blend the ingenue with the sophisticate. While jazzy […]