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Cecile McLorin Salvant can’t hear herself…

Cecile Mark Fitton_01+(2)

When Cecile McLorin Salvant’s new album, Dreams and Daggers, was recently nominated for a Grammy Award she decided to re-listen to a couple of tracks to see what the fuss was about. She couldn’t even last two songs. She just can’t stand her own jazz singing, the aspect of her multifaceted creativity that has spread […]


2017 Year in Review: Music

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What were they thinking? Singer Dianne Reeves gave a performance at City Recital Hall that became the arena-rock version of jazz, with extended singalongs and massed phone lights waving in the air. She already had us eating out of her palm by doing what she does so well, so why stoop to that? By contrast […]


Feeling Guilt in Trumptopia

Guilt 1

I went with no expectations. Thirty-seven years as a critic does that to you. You absorb music or theatre not on your terms, but on that of the musicians, composers, actors, directors, designers and playwrights. The latter’s was my hat this time, and the destination was Washington DC, where Scena Theatre was mounting the world […]