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Nile Rodgers says, “Let’s Dance!”

nile res 1

Try lumping Jeff Beck with Madonna, or putting Duran Duran in the same sentence as avant-gardist Laurie Anderson, or maybe David Bowie with Al Jarreau. Not only does Nile Rodgers have a way of doing that, but part of his secret is skipping sleep. Among the world’s most in-demand record producers, Rodgers – also a […]


Joan Baez: the voice of folk bids farewell

Folk singer Joan Baez strumming her guitar on the beach near her home.  (Photo by Ralph Crane//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images)

The luminous soprano extension to her voice melted away years ago, but that was just the snowy peak of her singing, anyway, not the mountain. The mountain was her conviction. Even back in high school Joan Baez took a lone stance against participating in a nuclear war drill. This was what set her apart; what […]