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Phronesis’s Jasper Hoiby Sees Black

Jasper Hoiby

When Jasper Hoiby’s sister, Jeanette, suddenly lost her sight he left his burgeoning London music career to help his mother nurse her in Copenhagen. He could not know that this would lead to the formation of a band that would not only change his life, but also shake up the sound of jazz.  That band […]


Rokia Traore: High Noon in Mali

Rokia Traore credit Jamie Williams 09

When music is banned in the north of your country, and those who persist in making it are threatened with having their fingers amputated, the stakes of being a musician have just been raised. But, as Rokia Traore knows, the stakes were always high in Mali, the epicentre of African music, and the well-spring of […]


Robert Wyatt – Involuntary Innovation

Wyatt 1

Were Robert Wyatt your only source of Robert Wyatt information you’d conclude he was the most useless scrub ever to presume to make records. Repeatedly during our hour-long telephone chat he refers to himself as “rubbish”, insists how little he knows about music, or deflects questions by discussing someone else.  Yet Wyatt is that rarest […]