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Omri Mor Weaves Desert Strands

Omri Mor res

Arabic music in a Jewish temple? Depending on your perspective it could be post-modernism run amok or the dawn of a new Age of Aquarius. Perhaps we should qualify “Arabic”, as the music in question layers jazz into the Andalousian classical music of north Africa, and the latter, itself, is a weave of Arabic, Spanish […]


To Hell And Back With Mary Coughlan

Mary Coughlan - Photo by Colm Henry (3)

For a while Mary Coughlan seemed to be living her career backwards. She had a number one album before she ever played a gig, and a decade later found herself back at the bottom rung of the ladder. The Irish blues/jazz/soul singer may have fallen in love with music as a toddler and been singing […]


Going Crazy, Goran Bregovich-Style

Goran Bregovic credit Prudence Upton 04

A party in the Balkans is unimaginable without two things: brass instruments and alcohol. Goran Bregovic may appear to have much the same needs. Despite the astonishing breadth of music that he composes (for performance and film) a brass band is never far away, and nor, if his unforgettable 2008 Concert Hall appearance is any […]