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Paris of the East in the Jazz Age

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It was just an old, dusty trunk in a Mumbai warehouse – one that EMI was cleaning out prior to its demolition in 2003. The trunk had Chinese writing on it, and inside was a treasure: the mother-shells (from which 78rpm records were made) of 800 songs recorded in Shanghai, mainly during the 1930s, in […]


Sandy Evans: Building a Bridge of Dreams

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The first rehearsal for Bridge of Dreams will be a symbol of the project, itself. Seeking to span the divide between Indian classical music and jazz (including a 17-piece big band), it will bring together 22 musicians who until now have only interacted via technology, with some of them in Mumbai and some in Sydney. […]


Of Earthquakes and Fatal Shores: Jazz – The Year in Review

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Some concerts soothe, some shake you up, and then there are Peter Brotzmann’s concerts. Here the issue is survival. His monstrous tenor saxophone sound may well register on the Richter scale, yet it’s also profoundly human: exhilarating, heart-rending, terrifying and, yes, beautiful. With typical perverseness he chose to place his sonic squalls against a pedal […]