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The Necks – Just Hitting Their Stride 30 Years On

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One thing the Necks never have to cope with is audience members shouting out requests. Their fans across the globe understand their recorded works were all one-off improvisations, never to be replicated; that every concert is a new adventure. The band has suffered the odd heckler, however, with one gentleman storming towards the stage at […]


Meaning It: Truth, Trump, Universality and Cultural Amnesia

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Below is most of the Jackie Orszaczky Music Lecture that I delivered at the Basement on May 30. The full catastrophe may be viewed here: My obituary for Jackie Orszaczky in The Sydney Morning Herald concluded with: “Some marvel at the breadth of his endeavour, but to Orszaczky it was all music; all life […]


Bruce Cale’s music is Blue Mountains-made

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Bruce Cale does not just live in Katoomba, he plays the Mountains in his music. The connection, after all, could not be deeper. He was born in Leura and grew up in Katoomba where, as a child, he took violin lessons above a shop on the main street – a building he now he lives […]