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Chris Smither CD

Smither Hundred Dollar

Hundred Dollar Valentine ( It’s a pity more singers don’t listen to Chris Smither; don’t hear the simplicity, the rawness and the truth; don’t absorb the natural desire to engage the listener almost as a friend. Smither doesn’t rely on a big voice or a vast range, and he’d be embarrassed if any artifice or […]


Phronesis CD

Walking Dark (Edition/Planet) Reviewed April, 2012.  Jazz spawned the drum-kit, and all the music’s subsequent developments have been accompanied by revolutions in playing the instrument. Now conceptual and technical innovations at the kit are actually kindling new directions jazz may take. You can hear it happening locally almost every time that Simon Barker plays. Among […]


Alister Spence Trio CD

Far Flung

Far Flung (Rufus)  Some may jump in the ocean and swim, and others may board an aircraft and fly, but fundamentally we are lumbering land-based creatures. That is why art that allows us, even for a moment, to be other than we are is invaluable.  The music of Sydney’s Alister Spence Trio has gradually assumed […]